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After moving to our new offices at Gables House in Leamington Spa, we’ve been given the opportunity to grow and expand our team. We truly believe that the key to having a successful business is to bring people together, collaborate and share experiences, skillsets and perspectives.  

We put our values at the core of everything that we do. Our vision is that every individual can get the best advice possible that reflects their objectives and wishes. This goes hand in hand with our primary purpose, to help clients make the right decisions around protecting their wealth and providing for their loved ones.   

Here at Countrywide we are a continuously growing business, offering career-boosting opportunities to new team members as well as our current workforce. We are always on the lookout for talent and with a diverse business we have opportunities in many areas, from estate planning through to software programming. When you start a career with us, we help you develop your skills and help you to gain new ones. Our aim is for our employees to take pride in embarking on a rewarding and dynamic career, not just feel like you are cycling through the motions of the job.    

To see our current vacancies, take a look here.